Mix & Match

Detta är mina svar till mix & match hos Knitmore. SIsta anmälan idag och som vanligt är jag sent ute =) Men bättre sent än aldrig eller hur =)

?4.     Occupation: Economic assitent, student and processing food

?5.     What's your dream job? Auditor

?6.     Knitting level - beginner/intermediate/experienced: Intermediate

?7.    Favorite thing(s) to knit: For the moment, socks

?8.     Favorite type of needles: Round Loop

?9.     What kind of yarn do you prefer? (Cotton, wool, bamboo etc...) Not 100 % syntetic, like yarns like opal, have never tried bamboo =)

?10.  Favorite color(s): sharp colors, yellow, pink, orange speciallty

?11.  Are you allergic to anything? Grass, aspartame, cold wather (to shower in), bees

?12.  Your biggest hobby/interest is:Knitting

?13.  3 other things you are interested in as well: Nature, reading, gymtraining

?14.  Do you have kids? No

?15.  Coffee or tea? What kind/flavor?  Tea, al sorts

?16.  Favorite time of the year: Spring, summer

?17.  Do you spin your own yarn? No, but I want to learn

?18.  Do you crochet? Sometimes

?19.  3 favorite books (non-knitting) (or 3 fav. authors): Narnia (got them all), Harry Potter (got them all), and Gretelise Holm, mysterie books

?20.  3 favorite movies: All Disney movies, crime movie, Narnia and Harry Potter

?21.  3 favorite flavors: cherry, gooseberry, nougat

?22.  3 favorite scent: the smell after summer rain, new baked cookies, new washed clothes and newclean apartment

?23.  3 favorite words: great, love you, lovely

?24.  3 favorite singers/groups: Svenska Akadmien, Imperiet, Nordman

?25.  3 favorite places: Hven (the island between Sweden and Denmark

?26.  3 favorite sounds: nothing, bird song, thunder with rain

?27.  3 things on your wish list: more knitting time, a fulltime job, holiday

?28.  3 words to describe you: active, happy, careful

?29.  Do you have a blog/website? http://kidassticksida.blogg.se

Postat av: Julia

Jag sitter ganska långt ifrån skärmen/tvn.. Därför råkade jag läsa Hem istället fär Hven, ganska skoj faktiskt! Puss puss haj!

2008-04-25 @ 08:46:08
URL: http://firebox.blogg.se

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